3D pathfinding with Hoopsnake + Shortestwalk

Hoopwalk is an explanatory video showing the possibilities of combining hoopsnake and shortestwalk in Grasshopper.

It is build around a basic setup that will show you the power of these two components: Hoopsnake and Shortest Walk. In the defintion you will find two setups. The first is the most simple version explaining the power of the shortest walk component. With the shortest walk component you can, hence the name, find the shortest path between two point given a network of curves.

In the second example we introduce Hoopsnake. Hoopsnake allows the user to loop a grasshopper definition, something which normally is not possible. With the use of Hoopsnake it is possible to have the first example repeat for however long necessary (yes this could be indefinitely!). In this case that would be for as long as there are random pairs available without using the same point twice.


Download Definition

This definition is tested in Grasshopper 0.9.0012

You will also need Hoopsnake and Shortest Walk

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