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  • Since the default datarecorders in Grasshopper record all data before you can do something with it, over time the become pretty heavy on the machine. Especially when you want to add/subtract all incoming data. Therefor a few simple scripts that get the job done. The script works great in combination with Firefly, Arduino, TouchOSC etc. Download Definition

  • For a 1-week workshop @ TheWhyFactory a Multi-user interactive design platform was developed. Ingredients: 2x iPad for control of the tower field, 1x iPhone for control of the tilt and rotation of the plane, Rhino, Grasshopper, Firefly, Touch osC MVRDV / The Why Factory, Bas kalmeyer, Adrien Ravon, Leo Stuckardt [DAP]3, Sander Mulders

  • Simple Grasshopper+Kangaroo definition to experiment with functions and relations. Uses the dynamics of Kangaroo to seek for a stable state given the relations. This example allows for further explorations, other relations can be added easily to accommodate for a more elaborate set of constraints. Download Definition

  • For centuries, the fabric of East Asian cities has been formed by urban villages that are built up of small scale, informal, often ‘light’ architecture: the hutongs in Beijing, the small – mostly wooden – houses in Tokyo, the villages in Singapore, the kampungs in Jakarta, as well the individual houses and rooftop-extensions in Taipei. These urban villages form intense, socially connected communities where strong individual identities and differences are maintained. Because they are, and have been, inhabited mostly by the poor, land is cheap – and therefore, change comes easily. . . Driven by demographic and economic forces since the start of the second millennium, these cities are rapidly changing. In a relentless ‘Block Attack’, massive towers, slabs and blocks with repetitive hous[...]

  • I recently started designing a 3D voronoi tablelamp. The lamp is constructed out of 3 mm lasercut Birch and assembled using custom made connectors. Using a grasshopper definition the needed space and minimal distance for the connectors to work are optimized. The result is a ready to cut file.   [slideshow] [/slideshow]

  • A Dynamic Catenary Hexagon script that can be used for creating and exploring Arches. The system uses kangaroo and weaverbird available from Download Definition

  • A pavillion with Endless possibilities Endless is a pavilion about the representation of the three campuses of the TU Delft, University of Kassel and University of Tennessee. The general question is: What are these universities about and how can they show that to the world? This design emerged from an interesting combination of both "common physical" and complex 3D digital techniques. Concept [slideshow] [/slideshow] A pavillion that learns... Like every student this pavillion learns. It learns from the students that visit it. Each visitor has the possibility to upload his or her architectural projects into the pavillion. Thereby accumulating all kinds of projects from the universities. This will be the actual representation, not a simple story from the dean etc, but project[...]

  • [slideshow] [/slideshow] Introduction This graduation project comes from a combination of a Master in Architecture and a Master in Building Technology. The project will focus on the design of the “SCHOOL FOR DIGITAL DESIGN” and a research in using digital tools to support the architect in his process of designing. The design project Digital design and manufacturing is becoming more and more important in the design process. The integration of digital design tools is not bound to one specific practice; it can be found in various design fields amongst which automotive, aerospace, product and building design. An improvement in one field can influence the other fields. There is a need for more research and better education in this field, current educational facilities at the T[...]

  • It's an oldy but it served me well for various projects. This simple script generates a polygon voronoi structure in Maya using MEL Scripting. Download the File