Camera Control with TouchOSC

In addition to the already existing tutorial for using touchOSC to control a grasshopper model you can also use this technique to control a camera, or even combine them as seen in the Dancing Towers Workshop.

The file below contains a basic Interface that can be uploaded to an iPhone and a grasshopper definition showing the basic working.

The interface uses three sliders:

  • The rotation linked to a point on a circle in grasshopper. This is the path the camera is attached to. You can replace this circle by any other path to create a more elaborate camera movement (for instance a¬†walk through)
  • The Tilt is linked to the height of the path described above in relation to the focuspoint (in this case a point at the origin)
  • The Zoom is linked to the focal length of the camera. Change this from wide angle to zoom.

Download Definition


Grasshopper version 0.9.0014

Horster Camera Control