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Village Maker Beta 2 - Seoul Edition Village Maker Beta 2 - Seoul Edition
  • Village Maker Beta 2 - Seoul Edition

  • Who needs an engineer? The new version of the Village Maker supports five experimental structural typologies, each containing specific benefits. The choice for each type is set in the Core Settings and therefor determined for the whole village at the start. Using the pathfinder logic within a 3D [...]
I-City I-City
  • I-City

  • I-City… Floods, food crises, wars, money crises…. Sometimes I wondered how I would behave when current society falls apart? What would happen when I have to start from scratch? Is that complete scratch? Is it like Adam and Eve? Or can I rely on some of the learnings of our civilization? Of tho[...]
Village Maker Beta Village Maker Beta
  • Village Maker Beta

  • For centuries, the fabric of East Asian cities has been formed by urban villages that are built up of small scale, informal, often ‘light’ architecture: the hutongs in Beijing, the small – mostly wooden – houses in Tokyo, the villages in Singapore, the kampungs in Jakarta, as well the individual h[...]
Endless Endless
  • Endless

  • A pavillion with Endless possibilities Endless is a pavilion about the representation of the three campuses of the TU Delft, University of Kassel and University of Tennessee. The general question is: What are these universities about and how can they show that to the world? This design emerged [...]
School for Digital Design School for Digital Design
  • School for Digital Design

  • [slideshow] [/slideshow] Introduction This graduation project comes from a combination of a Master in Architecture and a Master in Building Technology. The project will focus on the design of the “SCHOOL FOR DIGITAL DESIGN” and a research in using digital tools to support the architec[...]