Dynamic Network

Simple Grasshopper+Kangaroo definition to experiment with functions and relations. Uses the dynamics of Kangaroo to seek for a stable state given the relations. This example allows for further explorations, other relations can be added easily to accommodate for a more elaborate set of constraints.

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  1. by Zechelon on November 8, 2013  17:43

    Nice script :-)
    Are you still woring on it as project?

    I did something like this in 2D in C# with Rhino: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1yuCuKX2Nw .

  2. by Omar Helmy on January 28, 2013  09:46

    Awesome script. Can you please explain more about how you define the attraction/repulsion forces on the volumes...?


    • by Sander Mulders on February 5, 2013  13:04

      The forces are defined using springs. This ensures that the defined relation stay linked.

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