Floods, food crises, wars, money crises….
Sometimes I wondered how I would behave when current society falls apart? What would happen when I have to start from scratch? Is that complete scratch? Is it like Adam and Eve? Or can I rely on some of the learnings of our civilization? Of thousands years of development? Does my equipment then still work? Can I rely on help? Can I get still beautiful and fantastic machines to make food?
If so, what is then my contemporary survival package? What is the minimal architecture I need? What is the ‘Existenz’ Building? In a way it criticizes the enormous waste that I see. The incredible richness…
And then? Is it so complete that I don’t need any other any more?
Or are there new moments that I want to see you? That I want to work with you?


This project is based on the assumption that humanity gets a do-over after “the disaster”. The answer comes in the form of a survival unit that is containing all the basic elements which are needed to survive individually. It provides a small semi-artificial ecosystem as a safe haven to live, grow food and produce energy, allowing everybody to organize all their needs individually and be fully autonomous, independent from others. To simulate the growing of future communities [DAP]3 created a scripted ground that transform the individual I-City bubbles into the We City.