Simple Data recorders in Grasshopper Updated

Since the last version of the Data Recorder I have build a newer/better version which ships as a custom component. It works significantly faster compared to existing component since it not records all values but rather only performs the neccessary action selected, ie: take the input, add it to the already stored value and return the result. It also allows for complete data trees to be recorded. Just supply the right branchpath to the values you want to update.

It comes as an single component that allows for different modes to be selected:

  • Add  – add the value to all previous recorded values, starting from 0.0.
  • Subtract – subtract all values from 0.0
  • Highest – returns the highest value recorded
  • Lowest – returns the lowest value recorded
  • Average – returns the average value of the recorded values

And of course a reset toggle to put it back to 0.0. You can use a Toggle or the new (and way better) button component.

Download the definition

Place the file in your Components folder (File>Special Folders>Components Folder)

It is tested in version 0.9.0006

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