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  • Recently I found myself needing a component for displaying data in the viewport like a camera Heads-Up-Display (HUD). It is important that this data remains connected to whatever position the camera takes. After some trail and error I created this component. In the download you will find an example of this component showing the distance from camera to an object. Download the component and place it in your libraries folder. Tested with version 0.9.0014 and above. Important: Do not turn off the preview (unnecessary!) and make sure there is some geometry created on your canvas!

  • In addition to the already existing tutorial for using touchOSC to control a grasshopper model you can also use this technique to control a camera, or even combine them as seen in the Dancing Towers Workshop. The file below contains a basic Interface that can be uploaded to an iPhone and a grasshopper definition showing the basic working. The interface uses three sliders: The rotation linked to a point on a circle in grasshopper. This is the path the camera is attached to. You can replace this circle by any other path to create a more elaborate camera movement (for instance a walk through) The Tilt is linked to the height of the path described above in relation to the focuspoint (in this case a point at the origin) The Zoom is linked to the focal length of the camera. Cha[...]

  • Reading data from controls in touchOSC can sometimes be a daunting task. Especially when reading 1D (equalizer) or 2D (grids) controls. This components makes life a lot easier. You only need to supply the data from the FireFly OSC reader, the number of the tab your control is on and the  name of the control. The component will output the found data as single value, list of values (for 1D controls) or a tree of values (2D controls). Download the component and an example file Place the GHA in your Components folder (File>Special Folders>Components Folder) It is tested in version 0.9.0006 Firefly is required to run    

  • Since the last version of the Data Recorder I have build a newer/better version which ships as a custom component. It works significantly faster compared to existing component since it not records all values but rather only performs the neccessary action selected, ie: take the input, add it to the already stored value and return the result. It also allows for complete data trees to be recorded. Just supply the right branchpath to the values you want to update. It comes as an single component that allows for different modes to be selected: Add  - add the value to all previous recorded values, starting from 0.0. Subtract - subtract all values from 0.0 Highest - returns the highest value recorded Lowest - returns the lowest value recorded Average - returns the average value of [...]

  • Since the default datarecorders in Grasshopper record all data before you can do something with it, over time the become pretty heavy on the machine. Especially when you want to add/subtract all incoming data. Therefor a few simple scripts that get the job done. The script works great in combination with Firefly, Arduino, TouchOSC etc. Download Definition

  • Simple Grasshopper+Kangaroo definition to experiment with functions and relations. Uses the dynamics of Kangaroo to seek for a stable state given the relations. This example allows for further explorations, other relations can be added easily to accommodate for a more elaborate set of constraints. Download Definition

  • I recently started designing a 3D voronoi tablelamp. The lamp is constructed out of 3 mm lasercut Birch and assembled using custom made connectors. Using a grasshopper definition the needed space and minimal distance for the connectors to work are optimized. The result is a ready to cut file.   [slideshow] [/slideshow]

  • A Dynamic Catenary Hexagon script that can be used for creating and exploring Arches. The system uses kangaroo and weaverbird available from http://food4rhino.com. Download Definition

  • It's an oldy but it served me well for various projects. This simple script generates a polygon voronoi structure in Maya using MEL Scripting. Download the File